Dr Holly Wang

Years in practice: 20+ years

Dr Wang received her education in traditional Chinese medicine in TCM university of BeiJing &went on to become state board certified when she moved to CA.she earned her Master degree in University of east-west medicine,as licensed, sixth-generation doctor from BeiJing,
in the 20 years she practiced Chinese medicine,she followed famous TCM doctors and learned all their skills:all of which furthered her to give the best care to her patients,her office also offers therapeutic massage, which is done by experienced massage therapists, her office provides acupuncture ,massage therapy, herbs, cupping and moxa services.

She is an acupuncturist trained in healing traditions from around china and United States, she unified a wide range of natural holistic modalities at her clinic in California and North Carolina to help people achieve optimal health and well being, including acupuncture and
herbal medicine, nutrition consultation, organ detoxification. she specializes in treating muscle/joints aches and pain for carpal tunnel, neck and shoulders stain, post stroke recovery,circulation improvement ,weight lost etc.